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Finding out my best friend passed the bar


For Georgia … xx

When someone tells me I’m not going to win powerball


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Who said money can’t buy happiness?

What I would not give to have a spare 36K up my sleeve to be either one of these money-tree growing beyatches …


If I only get to take one friend, one musical instrument and one book with me to Heaven when I go, chances are it’s going to be Ysabella Chambers, a black baby grand Steinway and Sons and the hardback edition of the sheet music to Vanessa Carlton’s greatest hits.

Seeya …..

Seeya …..



Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

So it turns out the “words” “F-Bomb” and “sexting” have officially made it into Webster’s dictionary.

This is a really proud day for the English language you guys. We should all take a moment, wherever we are, to thank Webster’s and Gen Y’s everywhere for ensuring our children will be rote-learning the word “sexting” as part of their Grade Two Spelling Bees.

Yep. In ten years we’re all going to be standing open-mouthed as our 8 year old sons and daughters march through the loungeroom singing:

"Sexting …. S-E-X-T-I-N-G. Sexting!"

I Think That You Should Let It Burn

Watching The Gymnastics (2)

Female gymnast from Greece powders up and cuts loose across the floor with a triple-front handspring, double-back handspring, half-pike-round-off-cartwheel with a back-extension roll in pike and a double-front-forward-roll and an aerial-whatever to finish.

(Awe-filled silence)

YC: Imagine if you had your period ……

When I Go To The Park And The Playground Has A Set Of Parallel Bars

A How-To Guide For Anybody Who Wants To Feel Grateful They Weren’t Born Into The Royal Family.

Step One: Watch Zara Phillips compete for gold and accidentally knock one barrier down out of about twenty and also accidentally take two seconds longer to complete the course than she was supposed to.

Step Two: Watch every single person in the stadium EXCEPT HER OWN MOTHER cheer and applaud Zara’s performance.

Step Three: Let your jaw drop as the camera cuts to a stone-faced Princess Anne for a second time, hands clenched tightly in her lap while Camilla (CAMILLA, you guys. CAMILLA!) smiles and claps her damn hands off beside Anne.

Step Four: Immediately stop whinging about that party in Grade Ten your Mum didn’t let you go to because she knew there wasn’t going to be any parental supervision. Whatever your Mum did to you, she doesn’t have shit on Princess Bitchy.


In Fancy’s opinion, a choice had to be made when a person you love said something unkind. Specifically: be cruel, be strong or sulk.

'Be cruel' by saying an unkind thing straight back.

'Be strong' by firmly choosing not to mind. But to do this, you have to use up a bit of the love you have for that person. You have to shave off enough of the love to forgive. After a while, the piece might grow back, but sometimes not. And if you shave off all the soft curves, you'll be left with sharp-edged love.

'Sulk' by sulking. In effect, sulking is simply delaying the choice to be cruel or be strong.

Jaclyn Moriarty - I Have A bed Made Of Buttermilk Pancakes

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